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Medieval Greek, also known as byzantine greek, is the stage of the Greek language
byzantine greek
betwixt the end of Classical antiquity
byzantine greek
in the 5th-6th centuries and the end of the Middle Ages
byzantine greek
, conventionally go out to the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople
byzantine greek
in 1453. From the 7th century onwards, grecian was the lonesome language of administration and government in the Byzantine Empire
byzantine greek
. This phase of language is hence set forth as byzantine greek. The major of the Medieval grecian language and literature is a expanding of Byzantine Studies, or Byzantinology
byzantine greek
, the major of the history and grow of the Byzantine Empire.
restrict 1 History and development
byzantine greek
1.1 Diglossia
byzantine greek
1.2 Dialects
byzantine greek
2 Phonetics and phonology
byzantine greek
2.1 Vowels
byzantine greek
2.2 Consonants
byzantine greek
3 Grammar
byzantine greek
4 Vocabulary, script, manipulate on variant languages
byzantine greek
4.1 Intralinguistic innovations
byzantine greek
4.2 Loanwords from variant languages
byzantine greek
5 Script
byzantine greek
5.1 Uncial and written script
byzantine greek
5.2 minuscular script
byzantine greek
6 manipulate on variant languages
byzantine greek
7 Research
byzantine greek
8 See also
byzantine greek
9 References
byzantine greek
10 Sources
byzantine greek
11 favor reading
byzantine greek
12 outermost links
byzantine greek

With the exchange of the romanic imperial act to Byzantium betwixt 324 and 330, the governmental travel of the Roman Empire
byzantine greek
was moving into an area where grecian was the ascendant language. At first, Latin
byzantine greek
remained the language of any the act and the army and it was employed for official documents, but its manipulate shortly waned. From the founded of the 6th century, amendments to the law were largely graphic in Greek.
Despite the absence of certain demographic figures, it has appeared estimated that fewer than one ordinal of the inhabitants of the eastbound Roman Empire, around thousand cardinal people, were native speakers of Greek.
byzantine greek
The number of those who be able to network in grecian may keep appeared far higher. The autochthonal grecian speakers be of many of the inhabitants of the southern Balkan Peninsula, southbound of the Jireček Line
byzantine greek
, and all of the inhabitants of Asia Minor
byzantine greek
, where the autochthonal vie , minds Armenian
byzantine greek
in the east, had arose extinct, replace by Greek, by the 5th century. In any case, all cities of the eastbound romanic Empire be powerfully affect by the grecian language.
byzantine greek

Thus, the use of grecian change state aboriginal on in Syria, Egypt, and northbound Africa. This travel Greek-speaking Sicily, Cyprus, Asia Minor, and the southerner Balkans. From the recently 11th century onwards, the indoor of Anatolia was invaded by Seljuq
byzantine greek
Turks, who high westwards. With the Ottoman
byzantine greek
conquests of Constantinople in 1453, the Peloponnese in 1459/1460, the Empire of Trebizond
byzantine greek
in 1461, Athens in 1465, and two centuries concomitant the Duchy of Candia
byzantine greek
in 1669, the grecian language losing its status as a federal language until the emergence of modern Greece in the year 1821. Language varieties after 1453 are referred to as Modern Greek.
They range from a fairly old label utilised for most every-day writing and basing mostly on the graphic Koiné of the Bible
byzantine greek
and early Christian literature, to a extremely arranged larn style, employed by authors with advanced literary like and intimately perform the model of modular Attic, in continuation of the movement of Atticism
byzantine greek
in late antiquity. At the aforesaid time, the oral casual language create on the basis of before oral Koiné, and peak a phase that in galore ways resembles present-day Modern Greek
byzantine greek
in label of grammar and phonology by the trend of the archetypal millennium AD. graphic literature reflecting this demotic Greek begins to be approximately 1100.
Furthermore, letters, judicial texts, and galore registers and lists in mediaeval grecian exist. Concessions to oral grecian can be found in literature in the following examples: John Malalas's Chronography from the 6th century, the Chronicle of Theophanes the Confessor
byzantine greek
and the work of Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus
byzantine greek
. These are affect by the casual language of their quantify in choice of express and idiom, but mostly follow the imitate of written Koine in their morphology
byzantine greek
and syntax
byzantine greek
The Digenes Akritas
byzantine greek
, a collection of heroic sagas from the 12th century that was later collated in a types epic, was the first literary work totally graphic in the vernacular. The grecian vernacular types ample been in the 12th century, around the time of the cut romance novel, active as a backlash to the Attic renaissance during the dynasty of the Komnenoi in works like Psellos
byzantine greek
’s Chronography or the Alexiad, the biography of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos
byzantine greek
graphic by his daughter Anna Komnena
byzantine greek
about a century later. In fifteen-syllable forestall verse , the Digenes Akritas hawking with both past and mediaeval heroic sagas, but also with stories of animals and plants. The Chronicle of the Morea
byzantine greek
, a types logs from the 14th century, is unique. It has besides appeared have in French, Italian and Aragonese
byzantine greek
versions, and cover the history of cut feudalism on the Peloponnese
byzantine greek
The persistence until the put discipline of a only grecian network state, the Byzantine Empire, signified that, dissimilar Vulgar Latin
byzantine greek
, grecian did not split into separate languages. However, with the interrupts of the Byzantine note aft the trend of the archetypal millennium, newly isolates dialects untold as Pontic Greek
byzantine greek
, oral on the white Sea glide of Asia Minor, and Cappadocian
byzantine greek
, oral in principal Asia Minor, began to diverge.
It is evaluated that most of the developments directive to the phonology
byzantine greek
of Modern Greek
byzantine greek
had either already work travel in mediaeval grecian and its Hellenistic period
byzantine greek
predecessor Koine Greek
byzantine greek
, or be act to discipline during this period. preparatory all, these developments include the establishment of propellant stress
byzantine greek
, which had already replace the tonal system of Ancient grecian during the hellenic period. In addition, the vowel system was bit by bit reduced to five phonemes without any differentiation in vowel length, a affect also well begun during the hellenic period. Furthermore, Ancient grecian diphthongs
byzantine greek
became monophthongs
byzantine greek
Vowels write Front
byzantine greek
byzantine greek
write Unrounded crescent crescent closing /i
byzantine greek
/ ι
byzantine greek
, ει, η
byzantine greek
byzantine greek
/ υ
byzantine greek
, οι, υι /u
byzantine greek
/ ου Mid /e
byzantine greek
/ ε
byzantine greek
, αι   /o
byzantine greek
/ ο
byzantine greek
, ω
byzantine greek
opening /a
byzantine greek
/ α
byzantine greek
Until approximately the 10th/11th century, when they all compound into /i/, υ, οι and υι be lisp as /y/. In the original closing diphthongs αυ, ευ and ηυ, the offglide had developed into a consonantal or aboriginal on and . Before , υ move to , or was move . Before , it occasionally move to .
A first-string phenomenon is synizesis
byzantine greek
. In galore express with the combinations /éa/, /éo/, /ía/ and /ío/, the underlines improved to the second vowel, and the archetypal became a sliding . Thus: Roméos > Romiós , ennéa > enniá , píos – "which"; ta pedía > ta pediá . In galore cases, the vowel o disappeared in the endings -ion/-ιον and -ios/-ιος .
dress in the phonologic system principally processing consonant clusters
byzantine greek
that display sandhi
byzantine greek
processes. In accommodate of two other plosives
byzantine greek
or two other fricatives
byzantine greek
, thither is a tendency for dissimilation
byzantine greek
such that the first consonant change state a fricative and/or the second change state a plosive ultimately further a fricative-plosive cluster. But if the first consonant was a fricative and the second consonant was /s/, the first consonant instead became a plosive, further a plosive-/s/ cluster. mediaeval grecian also had cluster voicing harmony further the express of the final plosive or fricative; when the resulting clusters became voiceless, the aforementioned sandhi would further apply. This process of assimilation and sandhi was extremely regular and predictable, forms a rule of mediaeval grecian phonotactics
byzantine greek
that would lingering into aboriginal Modern Greek
byzantine greek
. When dialects started deleting join /i/ and /u/ betwixt two consonants , new accommodate be perform and likewise larn by sandhi. Thus: For plosives:
/kp/ > /xp/ /kt/ > /xt/ /pk/ > /fk/ /pt/ > /ft/ /tk/ > /θk/ /tp/ > /θp/
For fricatives where the support was /s/:
/θs/ > /ts/ /fs/ > /ps/ /xs/ > /ks/
Later, grecian create a new set of word plosives /b/, /d/ and /ɡ/ doner voicing
byzantine greek
of disclose plosives
byzantine greek
aft nasals
byzantine greek
. It is not characterized when precisely this development took travel but apparently it began during the Byzantine period. The graphemes μπ, ντ and γκ for b, d and g can already be found in transcriptions from neighboring languages in Byzantine sources, seeking in ντερβίσης , from Turkish
byzantine greek
derviş . The prenasalized voiced spirants μβ, νδ and γγ were comforts plosives by this time, make a merger between μβ/μπ, νδ/ντ and γγ/γκ, which would remain until the larn pronunciation reforms dictating during the Katharevousa era.
In morphology
byzantine greek
, the inflectional paradigms of declension
byzantine greek
, conjugation and comparison be regularised doner analogy. Thus, in nouns, the past grecian ordinal declension, which showed an unequal number of syllables in the other cases, was dress to the regular archetypal and support declension by forming a new nominative
byzantine greek
perform out of the oblique case forms: past grecian ho patér > Modern grecian o patéras , in analogy to the inculpatory perform ton patéra . Feminine nouns end in -ís/-ás perform the nominative match to the inculpatory -ída/-áda, as in elpís > elpída and in Hellás > Elláda .
The past grecian formation of the comparative
byzantine greek
of adjectives end in -ion and -ōn , which was partially irregular, was bit by bit dress by the formation use the suffix
byzantine greek
-ter and first-string endings of the adjective: meízōn > mizóteros .
also the particles
byzantine greek
na and thená the negation particle den was derives from the past grecian vent oudén .
In most cases, the galore stem
byzantine greek
variants that been in the past grecian system of aspect
byzantine greek
inflection was decrease to lonesome two basic stem forms, sometimes lonesome one. Thus, in Ancient grecian the stem of the verb lambánein been in the variants lamb-, lab-, lēps-, lēph- and lēm-. In mediaeval Greek, it is decrease to the forms lamv- and lav- .
The most observable grammatic improved in comparison to past grecian is the active accomplish loss of the infinitive
byzantine greek
, which has appeared replace by subordinate clauses
byzantine greek
with the particle
byzantine greek
na . Arabic affect have been evaluated as a possible explanation for this phenomenon, as a declare organize untold as I can that I go was commonest in modular ancient Arabic. perhaps delegate through Greek, this phenomenon can also be found in the adjacent languages and dialects
byzantine greek
of the Balkans. Bulgarian
byzantine greek
and Romanian
byzantine greek
for example, are in galore holding typologically akin to mediaeval and show day Greek
byzantine greek
, although genealogically
byzantine greek
they are not intimately related.
Vocabulary, script, manipulate on variant languages Intralinguistic innovations
particularly at the founded of the Byzantine Empire
byzantine greek
, mediaeval grecian gotten galore express from Latin
byzantine greek
, among them principally term and variant terms of the imperial court’s life like Αὔγουστος , πρίγκιψ , μάγιστρος , κοιαίστωρ , ὀφφικιάλος . In addition, Latin express from commonplace life entered the Greek language, for example ὁσπίτιον , σέλλα , ταβέρνα , κανδήλιον , φούρνος and φλάσκα .
Middle grecian employed the 24 letters of the grecian alphabet which, until the end of antiquity, be predominantly employed as lapidary and majuscular letters and without a space betwixt express and with diacritics.
Uncial and written write
byzantine greek
byzantine greek
Manuscript of the Anthology of Planudes
byzantine greek

The Greek minuscule
byzantine greek
script, which prospective be from the written create verbally in Syria
byzantine greek
, appears more than and more than frequently from the 9th century onwards. It is the first script that regularly use accents and spiritus, which had already been create in the 3rd century B.C. This very fluent script with ascenders and descenders and many accomplishable combinations of letters is the first to use opening between words. The last forms which create in the 12th century be Iota subscript
byzantine greek
and word-final sigma
byzantine greek
. The write for Greek majuscules and minuscules that was create in the 17th century by a printer from the Antwerp perform dynasty, Wetstein, finally became the norm in contemporary Greek printing.
manipulate on variant languages
any express in teutonic languages, principally from the religious context, keep besides been gotten from Medieval Greek and keep found their way into languages seeking German or English through the Gothic language
byzantine greek
. These includes the vent execute , kyriakí ykía 'House of the Lord') via teutonic *kirike, and the German vent for Pentecost
byzantine greek
, Pfingsten ').
In the Byzantine Empire, Ancient
byzantine greek
and Medieval Greek texts were copied repeatedly; studying these texts was part of Byzantine education. Several collections of transcriptions tried to record the entire body of Greek literature since antiquity. As thither had already been extensive exchange with Italian academics since the 14th century, galore scholars and a large be of manuscripts open their way to Italy aft the change state of the Eastern romanic Empire
byzantine greek
. Renaissance Italian and grecian humanists
byzantine greek
set up central collections in Rome, Florence and Venice. The conveyance of grecian by grecian contemporaries besides travel around the itacistic
byzantine greek
tradition of grecian analyse in Italy.
It was not until the ordinal century that the publication of and research on mediaeval grecian obtain began to added rapidly, which was particularly uplifting by Philhellenism
byzantine greek
. Furthermore, the archetypal texts in casual grecian be edited. The expanding of Byzantinology
byzantine greek
gradually change integrity from modular Philology and became an independent fielding of research. The Bavarian scholar Karl Krumbacher carried out research in the newly initiative state of Greece, and is considered the founder of Medieval and contemporary Greek Philology. From 1897 onwards, he held the academic chair of Medieval and contemporary Greek at the University of Munich. In the same century Russian Byzantinology create by mental act from a former connection between the Orthodox Church and the Byzantine Empire.
byzantine greek

byzantine greek
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