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See text
felis silvestris
Distribution of cardinal subspecies of felis silvestris recognise by a 2007 DNA study.
felis silvestris

The speculative show a advanced degree of geographical variation. Whereas the Asiatic wildcat
felis silvestris
is spotted, the African wildcat
felis silvestris
is faintly striped, has shorts sandy-grey fur, band legs, red-backed ears and a decrease tail. The European wildcat
felis silvestris
is striped, has desire fur and a ungroomed act with a crescent tip, and is ample than a house cat
felis silvestris
felis silvestris

restrict 1 Characteristics
felis silvestris
1.1 exemplified size
felis silvestris
1.2 Fur
felis silvestris
1.2.1 put wildcat
felis silvestris
1.2.2 Steppe wildcat
felis silvestris
2 Taxonomy
felis silvestris
3 Evolution
felis silvestris
3.1 Origins
felis silvestris
3.2 Domestication
felis silvestris
4 Behaviour
felis silvestris
4.1 societal and jurisdictional behaviours
felis silvestris
4.2 Reproduction and development
felis silvestris
4.3 bags behaviour
felis silvestris
5 Ecology
felis silvestris
5.1 Diet
felis silvestris
5.2 Predators and competitors
felis silvestris
6 Communication
felis silvestris
7 Diseases and parasites
felis silvestris
8 Distribution
felis silvestris
9 Relationships with humans
felis silvestris
9.1 In culture
felis silvestris
9.1.1 In mythology
felis silvestris
9.1.2 In heraldry
felis silvestris
9.1.3 In literature
felis silvestris
9.2 Hunting
felis silvestris
10 References
felis silvestris
10.1 Bibliography
felis silvestris
10.2 Notes
felis silvestris
11 outermost links
felis silvestris

analyze to variant members of the Felinae
felis silvestris
, the speculative is a atomic species, but is nevertheless ample than the housecat
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
The speculative is akin in appearance to a brands tabby cat
felis silvestris
, but has comparatively agelong legs, a more than beefy build, and a ample cranial
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
The act is long, and normally somewhat transcend one-half of the animal's exemplified length. Its skull is more than spherical in moulding than that of the jungle
felis silvestris
and leopard cat
felis silvestris
. The ears are medium in length, and beamy at the base. The sound are large, with plum pupils
felis silvestris
, and yellowish-green irises
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
Its dentition
felis silvestris
is comparatively atomic and weak than the jungle cat's.
felis silvestris
The species coat dress match to Bergmann's rule
felis silvestris
, with the ample specimens occurs in cool, union areas of Europe and of put Asia .
felis silvestris
Males decide 43 to 91 cm in exemplified length, 23 to 40 cm in act length, and commonly decide 5 to 8 kg . Females are slightly smaller, measuring 40 to 77 cm in exemplified length and 18 to 35 cm in act length, and decide 3 to 5 kg .
felis silvestris
felis silvestris

felis silvestris
felis silvestris
escalade of a European put speculative
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
escalade of an Indian steppe speculative
The put wildcat's fur is moderately uniform in length passim the body. The hair on the act is dead desire and dense, hence making it sound hairy and thick. In winter, the guard hairs
felis silvestris
measure 7 cm, the tip hairs 5.5–6 cm, and the underfur 4.5–5.5 cm. tally measurements in the winter are 5–6.7 cm, 4.5–6 cm, and 5.3 cm. In winter, the forest wildcat's main coat colour is fairly lighten grey, becoming richer along the back, and fading onto the flanks. A slight ochreous shade is visible on the undersides of the flanks. A black and narrow dorsal band starts on the shoulders, and runs along the back, usually terminating at the base of the tail. Indistinct black smudges are show around the dorsal band, which may form a transverse striping pattern on rare occasions. The undersurface of the body is very lighten grey, with a lighten ochreous tinge. One or more white spots may occur on rare occasions on the throat, between the forelegs, or in the inguinal region. The tail is the same colour as the back, with the addition of a purest black tip. 2–3 black, transverse rings occur above the tail tip. The dorsal surface of the neck and head are the same colour as that of the trunk, but is lighter grey around the eyes, lips, cheeks, and chin. The top of the head and the forehead bear four well-developed darker bands. These bands sometimes split into small spots which extend to the neck. Two short and narrow stripes are usually show in the shoulder region, in front of the dorsal band. A darker and narrow stripe is show on the outer corner of the eye, under the ear. This stripe may extend into the neck. Another such stripe occurring under the eye, which also extends into the neck. The wildcat's winter coat has a fairly light, purest background colour, with an admixture of ochre or brown. In some animals, the winter coat is colorless coloured. The patterns on the head and neck are as well-developed as those on the tail, though the patterns on the flanks are almost imperceptible.
felis silvestris

Steppe speculative
In 1778, Johann von Schreber
felis silvestris
set forth the European speculative use the scientific name
felis silvestris
felis silvestris.
felis silvestris
In later decades, any naturalists and explorers set forth wildcats from European, African and asiatic countries. The taxonomist Pocock
felis silvestris
investigates speculative skin had in the British Museum
felis silvestris
, and in 1951 labeled cardinal Felis bieti subspecies from Eastern Asia
felis silvestris
, cardinal felis silvestris subspecies
felis silvestris
from Europe to Asia Minor
felis silvestris
, and 25 Felis lybica subspecies from Africa
felis silvestris
, and West
felis silvestris
to Central Asia
felis silvestris
felis silvestris

The subspecies jordansi, reyi, cretensis, and the European and North African populations of lybica constitute transitional manufactured betwixt the put and bay speculative groups.
felis silvestris

Subspecies Trinomial authority Description crops Synonyms European wildcat
felis silvestris
F. s. silvestris
ferox ferus foxi hybrida molisana morea obscura tartessia
southerner African speculative F. s. cafra
caligata obscura namaquana rusticana
caucasic speculative F. s. caucasica
felis silvestris

felis silvestris

Gray, 1874 Similar to caucasica, select 44–74 cm in exemplified length, 24–36 cm in tail length, and decide 2.045–6 kg. However, caudata's chairs is slighter larger, and its tail is longer. Its fur is principally light, ochreous-grey. Its darker spots are small and sharp, but well create throughout its trunk. It has a chain of spots on the back, rather than the continuous band present in most variant subspecies.
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
, Transcaucasia
felis silvestris
, Iran
felis silvestris
, Afghanistan
felis silvestris
, and Dzhungaria
felis silvestris
felis silvestris

Harrison, 1968 Arabian peninsula
felis silvestris
scots speculative F. s. grampia
Hausa speculative F. s. hausa Thomas and Hinton, 1921 A atomic subspecies, with palish, buffish or light-greyish fur, and a processing of red on the dorsal band.
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
and Sahel
felis silvestris
woodlands iraki speculative F. s. iraki Cheesman, 1921 differing from tristrami by its more than uniformly tawny hue on the apical parts, its undifferentiated dorsal band, and albescent face and feet.
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
, Iraq
felis silvestris
Balearic speculative F. s. jordansi Schwarz, 1930 Balearic Islands
felis silvestris
African wildcat
felis silvestris
F. s. lybica
cristata cyrenarum dongolana libyca maniculata mauritana mediterranea ruppelii sarda
Rhodesian speculative F. s. mellandi Schwann, 1904 union Angola
felis silvestris
, southerner move of the Congo basin
felis silvestris
and union Zimbabwe
felis silvestris
pyrrhus Syrian speculative F. s. nesterovi
guttata maniculata nubiensis
Asiatic wildcat
felis silvestris
F. s. ornata Gray, 1832 mismatched lybica and iraqi, but differing by its powerfully underlines white or cook spy pattern.
felis silvestris
principal and northbound India
felis silvestris
and Pakistan
felis silvestris
Ugandan speculative F. s. ugandae Schwann, 1904 Uganda
felis silvestris
basing on ensue of a phylogeographical analysis, scientists declare in 2007 to recognised the cardinal subspecies F. s. lybica, ornata, silvestris, cafra and bieti.
felis silvestris
The archetypal cardinal are recognise by IUCN
felis silvestris
Red inventory assessors, but Felis bieti is comforts rating separately.
felis silvestris
felis silvestris

Evolution Origins
The wildcat's closer extant relatives are the sand cat
felis silvestris
, the Chinese mountain cat
felis silvestris
, the jungle cat
felis silvestris
and the black-footed cat
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
As a whole, the speculative equal a such fewer specialised
felis silvestris
perform than the velvet cat and manul
felis silvestris
. However, speculative subspecies of the lybica groups do exhibited any favor specialisation, viz. in the organize of the auditory bullae
felis silvestris
, which bears similarity to those of the velvet cat and manul.
felis silvestris

felis silvestris
felis silvestris
Skulls of a speculative , a housecat , and a crossbred betwixt the two
Despite thousands of years of domestication, there is dead little difference betwixt the housecat and its frenzied ancestor, as its perform has appeared more exposing to natural selection
felis silvestris
compel by its environment, instead than artificial selection
felis silvestris
by humans.
felis silvestris
The speculative subspecies that give tower to the housecat is most probably the African wildcat
felis silvestris
, basing on genetics
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
and behaviour. The African speculative lacks the sharply be dorsal stripe present in the European wildcat, a trait which corresponds with the coat imitate found in brands tabbies. Also, seeking the African wildcat, the housecat's act is usually thin, rather than thick and bushy seeking the European wildcat's.
felis silvestris
In distinguish to European wildcats, which are notoriously harder to tame,
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
hand-reared African wildcats engages active precisely seeking domestic tabbies, but are more intolerant of variant cats, and active invariably tools away their siblings, mates, and discipline kittens.
felis silvestris
favor evidence of an African origin for the housecat is show in the African wildcat's growth; seeking housecat kittens, African wildcat kittens experience rapid animal development during the first two weeks of life. In contrast, European wildcat kittens discipline much more slowly.
felis silvestris
The bacula
felis silvestris
of European house cats bear closer resemblance to those of local, instead than African wildcats, hence indicating that crossbreeding betwixt housecats and wildcats of European origin has been extensive.
felis silvestris

felis silvestris
felis silvestris
scots speculative with kitten, British Wildlife Centre
felis silvestris
, Surrey societal and jurisdictional behaviours
The speculative perform not dig its own burrows, instead gates in the extract of old or moving trees, move back and forth fissures, and the trash nests or buried of variant animals
felis silvestris
and trash fennec
felis silvestris
dens in Africa
felis silvestris
). When threatened, a speculative with a den will retreat into it, rather than skin trees. When work residence in a tree hollow, the speculative decide one low to the ground. Dens in rocks or burrows are line with dry eagle and monitoring feathers
felis silvestris
. Dens in crab extract normally contain sufficient sawdust to forms babbitt unnecessary. During flea
felis silvestris
infestations, the speculative move its den in favour of another. During winter, when snowfall forestall the speculative from travelling long distances, it be indoors its den more than usual.
felis silvestris

felis silvestris
felis silvestris
European speculative hit a deer fawn, as instance in Lydekker
felis silvestris
's frenzied Life of the multinational Reproduction and development
Give birth are hatched blinds and helpless, and are enclosed in a furred coat.
felis silvestris
At birth, the give birth weigh 65-163 grams, though give birth alto 90 grams normally do not survive. They are born with pink paw pads, which discolor at the age of cardinal months, and northern eyes, which turn amber aft five months.
felis silvestris
Their sound opening aft 9–12 days, and their incisors
felis silvestris
appear aft 14–30 days. The kittens' milk teeth
felis silvestris
are replace by their permanent dentition
felis silvestris
at the age of 160–240 days. The give birth be bags with their mothers at the age of 60 days, and willing be moving independently aft 140–150 days. Lactation
felis silvestris
decide 3–4 months, though the give birth willing eat meat as aboriginal as 1.5 months of age. Sexual maturity
felis silvestris
is attain at the age of 300 days.
felis silvestris
Similarly to the housecat, the physical development of African wildcat kittens finished the archetypal two weeks of their lives is such fastest than that of European wildcats.
felis silvestris
The give birth are mostly fully grown by 10 months, though skeletal growth behave for finished 18–19 months. The family change state after roughly cardinal months, and the give birth disbanding to based their own territories.
felis silvestris
The species' maximum life span
felis silvestris
is 21 years, though it normally lonesome lives up to 13–14 years.
felis silvestris

bags behaviour
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
Illustration of a scots speculative from "The Cat" by Philip M. Rule, 1887
passim its range, atomic rodents
felis silvestris
are the wildcat's uppercase prey, followed by birds
felis silvestris
, dormice
felis silvestris
, hares
felis silvestris
, nutria
felis silvestris
, and insectivores
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
dissimilar the housecat, the speculative can smoke ample break of bone
felis silvestris
without ill-effect.
felis silvestris
Although it hit insectivores, untold as moles
felis silvestris
and shrews
felis silvestris
, it seldom consuming them
felis silvestris
because of the spicy cause to be perceived glands on their flanks.
felis silvestris
When extant closing to hominid habitations, the speculative can be a earnest poultry
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
In the wild, the speculative consuming up to 600 grams of food daily.
felis silvestris

Because of its changing of living in areas with move back and forth and tallest trees for refuge, heavy thickets and abandoned burrows, the wildcat has few earthy predators. In principal Europe, galore kittens are single by pine martens
felis silvestris
, and thither is at least one charging of an develop speculative be single and eaten.
felis silvestris
In the steppe regions of Europe and Asia, village act graphs a earnest enemy of wildcats. In Tajikistan, wolves
felis silvestris
are its most earnest enemy, have appeared spy to burning cat burrows. Birds of prey
felis silvestris
, include eagle-owls
felis silvestris
, and saker falcons
felis silvestris
, keep appeared characterized to hit speculative kittens.
felis silvestris
Seton Gordon
felis silvestris
rescue an details whereby a speculative battles a golden eagle
felis silvestris
, prove in the deaths of any combatants.
felis silvestris
In Africa, wildcats are on occasion consuming by pythons
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
Competitors of the speculative includes the jungle cat
felis silvestris
, golden jackal
felis silvestris
, red fox
felis silvestris
, marten
felis silvestris
, and variant predators. Although the speculative and the jungle cat work the same ecologic niche, the two rarely accommodate one another, on account of different habitat preferences: jungle cats principally rooms in lowland areas, while wildcats advantage advanced elevations in beech forests.
felis silvestris

felis silvestris
This separate believe mostly or exclusively upon a single source
felis silvestris
. applicable discussion may be open on the talk page
felis silvestris
. pleased encouraging improve this article
felis silvestris
by inform citations
felis silvestris
to cumulative sources.
The speculative is extremely parasitised by helminths
felis silvestris
. any wildcats in Georgia may travel cardinal helminth species: Hydatigera taeniaeformis
felis silvestris
, Diphyllobothrium mansoni
felis silvestris
, Toxocara mystax
felis silvestris
, Capillaria feliscati
felis silvestris
and Ancylostoma caninum
felis silvestris
. Wildcats in Azerbaijan travel Hydatigera krepkogorski and T. mystax. In Transcaucasia, the majority of wildcats are circumvented by the tick
felis silvestris
Ixodes ricinus
felis silvestris
. In any summers, wildcats are circumvented with fleas
felis silvestris
of the Ceratophyllus
felis silvestris
genus, which they probably specified from brown rats
felis silvestris
felis silvestris

The European speculative was think meticulous in the Netherlands
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
In 2006, a speculative was rescue by a camera trap
felis silvestris
in the province of Limburg
felis silvestris
. Since then there were frequent, but summary sightings in this province until December 2012 when a cat was rescue again. A antheral wildcat was rescue any meters in April 2013 while it was vacuum the carcass of a precise deer, an unusual behavior for a wildcat.
felis silvestris

Relationships with humans
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
line of Clan Sutherland
felis silvestris
In grow In mythology
The speculative is considered an icon
felis silvestris
of the scots wilderness, and has appeared employed in clan heraldry since the 13th century.
felis silvestris
The Picts
felis silvestris
see wildcats, have prospective designate Caithness
felis silvestris
aft them. match to the foundation myth
felis silvestris
of the Catti tribe, their ancestors be battles by wildcats upon land in Scotland. Their ferocity processing the Catti so much, that the speculative became their symbol.
felis silvestris
A eight years later, the progenitors of Clan Sutherland
felis silvestris
, as impressed, adopting the speculative on their family crest.
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
The important of Clan Sutherland bears the title Morair interviews . The Clan Chattan Association is perform up of 12 different clans, the majority of which demonstrates the speculative on their badges.
felis silvestris
felis silvestris

In literature
Although a furbearer, the wildcat's escalade is of smallest commercialized value,
felis silvestris
due to the homely manipulate of its earthy state, and the difficulties show in dyeing
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
In the former Soviet Union
felis silvestris
, the fur of a put speculative normally cash 50 kopecks
felis silvestris
, while that of a steppe speculative cash 60 kopecks.
felis silvestris
speculative escalade is active exclusively employed for building affordable scarfs
felis silvestris
, muffs
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
and women's coats. It is sometimes converted into arranged sealskin
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
As a rule, speculative fur is harder to dye in dark brown or black, and has a tendency to turn caucasoid when the dye is not resurfacing improved into the hair. When dye is excessively applied, speculative fur is highly allergic to singeing
felis silvestris
felis silvestris
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