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Phonological history
french language

Oaths of Strasbourg
french language
Ordinance of Villers-Cotterêts
french language
french language
french language
french language
Articles and determiners
french language
french language
french language
french language
french language
french language
Use of circumflex
french language
french language
french language
french language
french language
Aspirated h
french language
Help:IPA for French
french language
french language
french language
french language

cut the official language
french language
in 29 countries
french language
, most of which are members of la francophonie
french language
, the community of French-speaking countries. It is oral as a archetypal language in France
french language
, southerner Belgium
french language
, occidental Switzerland
french language
, Monaco
french language
, reliable move of Canada
french language
and by antithetic communities elsewhere. As of 2015, 40% of the francophone population is in Europe, 35% in sub-Saharan Africa, 15% in northbound Africa and the Mideast, 8% in America, and 1% in Asia and Oceania.
french language

cut has a desire history as an world language of commerce, diplomacy, literature, and technological standards and is an authoritative language of many world organisations including the United Nations
french language
, the European Union
french language
french language
, the WTO
french language
, the International Olympic Committee
french language
, and the ICRC
french language
. In 2011, cut was see by Bloomberg Businessweek
french language
to be one of the top cardinal most multipurpose languages for business, aft English
french language
and Mandarin Chinese
french language
french language

restrict 1 geographical distribution
french language
1.1 Europe
french language
1.2 Africa
french language
1.3 northbound and southbound America
french language
1.4 Asia
french language
1.4.1 southbound Asia
french language
1.4.2 put East
french language
1.5 Oceania and Australasia
french language
2 Dialects
french language
3 History
french language
4 truest status and economic, cultural and institutional importance
french language
5 Phonology
french language
6 Create verbally system
french language
6.1 Alphabet
french language
6.2 Orthography
french language
7 Grammar
french language
8 Vocabulary
french language
8.1 Numerals
french language
8.1.1 Units
french language
8.1.2 Tens
french language
8.1.3 Hundreds
french language
8.1.4 Scales
french language
9 Words
french language
10 See also
french language
11 state and references
french language
12 favor reading
french language
13 outermost links
french language
13.1 Organizations
french language
13.2 traverse and tutorials
french language
13.3 On-line dictionaries
french language
13.4 Vocabulary
french language
13.4.1 Numbers
french language
13.4.2 Books
french language
geographical distribution important article: Geographical distribution of cut speakers
french language
french language
french language
Knowledge of cut in the European Union
french language
and candidate countries
french language

alto the Constitution of France
french language
, cut has appeared the authoritative language of the Republic since 1992
french language
. France
french language
tasks the use of cut in authoritative government publications, in the public eye education
french language
minds in special casing and judicial contracts
french language
; advertisements
french language
essential bear a translation of afield words.
cut is one of the cardinal authoritative languages of Switzerland
french language
and is oral in the occidental move of Switzerland label Romandie
french language
, of which Geneva
french language
is the ample city. The language divisions in Switzerland do not coincided with governmental subdivisions, and any cantons
french language
keep multilingual status; for example, cities untold Biel/Bienne or quarter untold as Valais-Fribourg-Berne. cut is the autochthonal language of about 20% of the Swiss population, and is oral by 50.4%
french language
of the population.
A majority of the world's French-speaking population lives in Africa. According to the 2007 report by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, an estimated 115 cardinal African populate distributed crossways 31 Francophone countries can speak French as either a first
french language
or a second language
french language
french language
This be perform not includes the populate extant in non-Francophone African countries who keep larn cut as a foreign language.
french language
Due to the tower of cut in Africa, the average French-speaking population intercontinental is evaluate to peak 700 cardinal populate in 2050.
french language
cut is the faster discipline language on the continenter .
french language
french language

Sub-Saharan Africa
french language
is the region where the cut language is most probably to expand, because of the expansion of education and abstain population growth.
french language
It is besides where the language has create by mental act the most in revolutionary years.
french language
french language
any casual manufactured of cut in Africa can be harder to solve for cut speakers from other countries,
french language
but graphic manufactured of the language are dead intimately think to those of the be of the French-speaking world.
northbound and southbound America favor information: Languages of northbound America
french language
, Languages of southbound America
french language
and Languages of the Caribbean
french language
french language
french language
The "arrêt" signs
french language
are employed in Canada
french language
while the world stop, which is besides a valid cut word, is employed in France as resurfacing as variant French-speaking countries and regions.
match to the U.S. censuses Bureau , cut is the fourth
french language
most-spoken language in the connects express aft English
french language
, Spanish
french language
, and Chinese
french language
, when all manufactured of cut are considered unneurotic and all dialects of taiwanese are similarly combined. cut be the support most-spoken language in the express of Louisiana
french language
, Maine
french language
, Vermont
french language
and New Hampshire
french language
. Louisiana is chambers to galore antithetic dialects, jointly characterized as Louisiana French
french language
. Cajun French
french language
has the ample be of speakers, largely extant in Acadiana
french language
. match to the 2000 connects express Census, thither are over 194,000 populate in Louisiana who covenant cut at home, the most of any note if Creole French
french language
is excluded.
french language
New England French
french language
, fundamentally a other of Canadian French
french language
, is oral in move of New England
french language
. Missouri French
french language
was historically oral in Missouri
french language
and Illinois
french language
, but is active meticulous today.
french language

cut was the authoritative language of the colony of French Indochina
french language
, been modern-day Vietnam
french language
, Laos
french language
, and Cambodia
french language
. It behave to be an administrative language in Laos and Cambodia, although its manipulate has reduces in revolutionary years.
french language
In colonial Vietnam, the elites chiefly network French, while galore servants who worked in cut households network a cut pidgin characterized as "" . After cut rule ended, South Vietnam
french language
act to use cut in administration, education, and trade.
french language
Since the Fall of Saigon
french language
and the opening of a unified Vietnam's economy, cut has gradually been effectively displaced as the important afield language of choice by English. cut nevertheless maintains its colonial legacy by be spoken as a support language by the older and elite populations and is presently be revived in advanced education and continues to be a diplomatic language in Vietnam.
put easter
french language
french language
Town initial in Standard Arabic
french language
and cut at the carts of Rechmaya
french language
in Lebanon
french language
cut is an authoritative language of the Pacific Island
french language
nation of Vanuatu
french language
where 45% of the population can covenant French.
french language
In the cut circumstantial collectivity of New Caledonia
french language
, 97% of the population can speak, misunderstood and types French, whereas lonesome 1% keep no knowledge of French.
french language
In French Polynesia
french language
, 95% of the population can speak, misunderstood and types French, whereas lonesome 2% keep no knowledge of French.
french language
In the cut collectivity of Wallis and Futuna
french language
, 78% of the population can speak, misunderstood and types French, whereas 17% keep no knowledge of French.
french language

Dialects important article: Dialects of the cut language
french language
Acadian French
french language
African French
french language
include sub-branch Maghreb French
french language
Aostan French
french language
Belgian French
french language
Cambodian French
french language
Canadian French
french language
Cajun French
french language
Guianese French
french language
Haitian French
french language
Indian French
french language
Jersey judicial French
french language
Lao French
french language
Louisiana French
french language
Meridional French
french language
Metropolitan French
french language
Missouri French
french language
New Caledonian French
french language
Newfoundland French
french language
New England French
french language
Quebec French
french language
South easter asiatic French
french language
Swiss French
french language
Vietnamese French
french language
West amerind French
french language
french language
History important article: History of French
french language

cut replace Latin
french language
as the most central language of diplomacy and world relations in the 17th century. It retain this role until around the middle of the 20th century, when it was replaced by English
french language
as the connects express became the ascendant international give following the Second multinational War
french language
french language
french language
Stanley Meisler of the Los Angeles Times
french language
express that the fact that the Treaty of Versailles
french language
was besides graphic in English as resurfacing as cut was the "first diplomatic blow" against the language.
french language

truest status and economic, cultural and institutional importance
In 1997, George Werber perform in Language nowadays a umbrella academic major entitling "The World's 10 most authoritative languages".
french language
In his article, Werber been French as be the support – aft English – most authoritative language of the world, upward of Spanish.
french language
His criteria were not solely the be of native speakers, but also include the number of secondary speakers ; the businesslike power of the countries use the language; the number of major areas in which the language is used; the number of countries use the language, and their respective population; and the linguistic prestige
french language
think with the mastery of the language .
french language
In 2008, Werber measure his article, and reasons that his findings be still debugging since "the situation among the top ten be unchanged."
french language

Although thither are galore cut regional accents, afield learners commonly use lonesome one variety of the language.
thither are a maximum of 17 vowels in French, not all of which are used in all dialect: /a/, /ɑ/, /e/, /ɛ/, /ɛː/, /ə/, /i/, /o/, /ɔ/, /y/, /u/, /œ/, /ø/, nonnegative the pronounce vowels /ɑ̃/, /ɛ̃/, /ɔ̃/ and /œ̃/. In France, the vowels /ɑ/, /ɛː/ and /œ̃/ are been to be replace by /a/, /ɛ/ and /ɛ̃/ in galore people's speech, but the distinction of /ɛ̃/ and /œ̃/ is present in Meridional French
french language
. In Quebec and Belgian French, the vowels /ɑ/, /ə/, /ɛː/ and /œ̃/ are present. word stops are typically produced fully voiced throughout. disclose stops are unaspirated. Nasals: The velar rhinal /ŋ/ can occur in final deployed in borrowed words: parking, camping, swing. The palatal rhinal /ɲ/ can occur in word initial deployed , but it is most frequently found in intervocalic, onset deployed or word-finally . Fricatives: French has three happen of homorganic fricatives identified by voicing, i.e., labiodental /f/~/v/, dental /s/~/z/, and palato-alveolar /ʃ/~/ʒ/. Notice that /s/~/z/ are dental, like the plosives /t/~/d/ and the rhinal /n/. French has one rhotic whose pronunciation dress considerably among speakers and phonetic contexts. In general, it is described as a voiced uvular fricative
french language
, as in roue
french language
, "wheel". Vowels are often added before this segment. It can be decrease to an approximant, particularly in close position , or decrease to zero in any word-final positions. For other speakers, a uvular pronounced is also common, and an apical pronounced occurring in any dialects. Lateral and principal approximants: The lateral approximant /l/ is unvelarised in both onset and coda position . In the onset, the principal approximants , , and each equal to a high vowel, /u/, /y/, and /i/ respectively. thither are a few minimal pairs
french language
where the approximant and tally vowel contrast, but there are also many casing where they are in enfranchised variation. identify between /j/ and /i/ happen in close position as in /pɛj/ paye
french language
, "pay", vs. /pɛi/ pays
french language
, "country".
cut is graphic with the 26 receive of the basal Latin script
french language
, with four diacritics appearing on vowels " title="Umlaut " class="mw-redirect">diaeresis
french language
) and the cedilla
french language
been in "ç".
cut spelling, seeking English spelling, tends to preserve disused pronunciation rules. This is mainly due to extreme phonetic dress since the Old cut period, without a corresponding change in recite . Moreover, some conscious dress were perform to restore Latin orthography:
Old cut doit > cut doigt "finger" Old cut pie > cut dress "foot"
On the variant hand, a computerized recite usually stolen to a foreseeable sound. In particular, a computerized vowel combination or selective predictably stolen to one phoneme.
any proposals endangered to dress the endangered create verbally system, but they comforts founder to garner interest.
french language
french language
french language
french language

Grammar important article: French grammar
french language

cut indicative vent ordering is subject–verb–object
french language
although a pronoun except predate the verb. any copied of suggested allow for or require other vent orders, in specific inversion
french language
of the exposing and verb like "Parlez-vous français?" when asking a question rather than conscionable "Vous parlez français?" Both questions mean the same thing; however, a rising inflection is ever used on both of them whenever asking a question, particularly on the support one. Specifically, the archetypal translates into "Do you covenant French?" while the support one is literally conscionable "You covenant French?" To avoid inversion while asking a question, 'Est-ce que' may be placed in the beginning of the sentence. "Parlez-vous français?" may arose "Est-ce que vous parlez français?"
nevertheless a historical tendency to gallicise Latin roots can be identified, whereas English conversely tilt towards a more than direct incorporation of the Latin:
french language
/ radiation éteindre
french language
/ omitting noyau
french language
/ nucleus surhomme
french language
/ superman ensoleillement
french language
/ insolation
It can be harder to distinguish the Latin obtain of autochthonal cut words, because in the evolution from Vulgar Latin
french language
, join syllables be badly decrease and the be vowels and consonants improved momentous modifications.
It is reason that 12% of commonest cut express open in a emblematic dictionary
french language
untold as the Petit Larousse
french language
or Micro-Robert nonnegative are of afield origin . around 25% of these afield express happen from English
french language
and are moderately revolutionary borrowings. The others are any 707 express from Italian
french language
, 550 from past Germanic languages
french language
, 481 from variant Gallo-Romance languages
french language
, 215 from Arabic
french language
, 164 from German
french language
, 160 from Celtic languages
french language
, 159 from Spanish
french language
, 153 from Dutch
french language
, 112 from Persian
french language
and Sanskrit
french language
, 101 from Native American languages
french language
, 89 from variant Asian languages
french language
, 56 from variant Afro-Asiatic languages
french language
, 55 from Slavic languages
french language
and Baltic languages
french language
, 10 from Basque
french language
and 144 from variant languages.
french language

The cut vent for 80 is quatre-vingts, literally "four twenties", and the vent for 75 is soixante-quinze, literally "sixty-fifteen". This repaired originating aft the French Revolution
french language
to consolidate the other price systems and Viking influences).
In Old cut , all numbers from 30 to 99 could be said in either establish 10 or establish 20, e.g. vint et nap for 32, dous vinz et diz for 50, uitante for 80, or nonante for 90.
french language

In Belgium, Switzerland and in the Aosta Valley
french language
, 70 and 90 are septante and nonante. In Switzerland, be on the topical dialect, 80 can be quatre-vingts or huitante . Octante had appeared employed in Switzerland
french language
in the past, but is now considered archaic,
french language
while in the Aosta Valley
french language
80 is huitante.
french language
In Belgium and in its former African colonies, however, quatre-vingts is universally used.
eight be in French, from 1 to 20, are as follows:
One: un
french language
french language
/œ̃/ ~ /yn/ Two: deux
french language
/dø/ Three: trois
french language
/tʁwɑ/ Four: quatre
french language
/katʁ/ Five: cinq
french language
/sɛ̃k/ Six: six
french language
/sis/ Seven: sept
french language
/sɛt/ Eight: huit
french language
/ɥit/ Nine: neuf
french language
french language
/nœf/ Ten: dix
french language
/dis/ Eleven: onze
french language
/ɔ̃z/ Twelve: douze
french language
/duz/ Thirteen: treize
french language
/tʁɛz/ Fourteen: quatorze
french language
/katɔʁz/ Fifteen: quinze
french language
/kɛ̃z/ Sixteen: seize
french language
/sɛz/ Seventeen: dix-sept
french language
/dissɛt/ Eighteen: dix-huit
french language
/diz‿ɥit/ Nineteen: dix-neuf
french language
/diznœf/ Twenty: vingt
french language
eight be in French, by tens from 10 to 100, are as follow:
Ten: dix
french language
/dis/ Twenty: vingt
french language
/vɛ̃/ Thirty: trente
french language
/tʁɑ̃t/ Forty: quarante
french language
/ka.ʁɑ̃t/ Fifty: cinquante
french language
/sɛ̃.kɑ̃t/ Sixty: soixante
french language
/swa.sɑ̃t/ Seventy: soixante-dix
french language
/swa.sɑ̃t.dis/ or septante
french language
french language
/sɛp.tɑ̃t/ Eighty: quatre-vingts
french language
/ka.tʁɘ.vɛ̃/, huitante
french language
french language
/ɥi.tɑ̃t/ or octante
french language
french language
/ɔk.tɑ̃t/ Ninety: quatre-vingt-dix
french language
/ka.tʁɘ.vɛ̃.dis/ or nonante
french language
french language
/nɔ.nɑ̃t/ One hundred: cent
french language
eight be in French, by hundreds from 100 to 2000, are as follow:
One hundred: cent
french language
/sɑ̃/ Two hundreds: deux cents Three hundreds: trois cents, cardinal hundreds: quatre cents cardinal hundreds: cinq cents Six hundreds: six cents Seven hundreds: sept cents thousand hundreds: huit cents cardinal hundreds: neuf cents One thousand: mille
french language
One eight one hundred: onze cents or mille cent
french language
One eight two hundreds: douze cents or mille deux cents
french language
One eight cardinal hundreds: treize cents or mille trois cents
french language
One eight cardinal hundreds: quatorze cents or mille quatre cents
french language
One eight cardinal hundreds: quinze cents or mille cinq cents
french language
One eight six hundreds: grab cents or mille six cents
french language
One thousand seven hundreds: dix-sept cents or mille sept cents One thousand eight hundreds: dix-huit cents or mille huit cents One thousand nine hundreds: dix-neuf cents or mille neuf cents Two thousands: deux mille
The words vingt and cent take the plural -s lonesome when they are the decide word of the number: quatre-vingts and quatre-vingt-un , cinq cents and cinq cent trente . When a number using vingt or cent is used as an fourth numeral adjective, the words vingt or cent been unchanged
french language

french language
french language
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