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Lithuanian is the official state language of Lithuania
lithuanian language
and is accept as one of the official languages
lithuanian language
of the European Union
lithuanian language
. thither are around 2.9
lithuanian language
cardinal autochthonal Lithuanian
lithuanian language
speakers in Lithuania and around 200,000 abroad. Lithuanian is a Baltic language
lithuanian language
, intimately think to Latvian
lithuanian language
, although they are not mutually intelligible
lithuanian language
. It is graphic in a Latin alphabet
lithuanian language
. The lithuanian language is frequently express to be the most conservative
lithuanian language
extant Indo-European language
lithuanian language
, retain galore have of Proto-Indo-European
lithuanian language
now losing in variant Indo-European languages.
lithuanian language

lithuanian language
This separate necessitate cumulative citations for verification
lithuanian language
. pleased encouraging improve this article
lithuanian language
by adding citations to certain sources
lithuanian language
. Unsourced mercenary may be dispute and removed.
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
Area of the lithuanian language in the 16th century
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
The ripe survives manuscript
lithuanian language
in Lithuanian , revised from 15th century archetypal text
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
A map of European languages with the archetypal types of the Lord's Prayer
lithuanian language
in Lithuanian
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
Distribution of the Baltic tribes, circa 1200 CE
lithuanian language
Among Indo-European languages
lithuanian language
, Lithuanian is inordinately conservative
lithuanian language
, retain galore old have different open lonesome in past languages untold as Sanskrit
lithuanian language
or Ancient Greek
lithuanian language
. For this reason, it is one of the most central obtain in the reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European language
lithuanian language
despite its recently attestation . The phonology
lithuanian language
and particularly the nominal
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
of Lithuanian is active surely the most blimpish of any extant Indo-European language,
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
although its verbal
lithuanian language
morphology is fewer blimpish and may be transcend by the conservatism of Modern grecian verbs
lithuanian language
, which maintained a be of old have deficient in Lithuanian, untold as the synthetic
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
and mediopassive
lithuanian language
match to any glottochronological speculations, the eastbound Baltic languages change integrity from the Western Baltic ones between AD 400 and AD 600. The Greek geographer Ptolemy
lithuanian language
had already graphic of two Baltic tribe/nations by name, the Galindai
lithuanian language
and Sudinoi
lithuanian language
in the 2nd century AD. The differentiation betwixt Lithuanian and Latvian
lithuanian language
been after AD 800; for a long period, they could be considered dialects of a only language. At a minimum, transitional dialects existed until the 14th or 15th century and maybe as late as the 17th century. Also, the 13th- and 14th-century occupation of the occidental part of the Daugava
lithuanian language
basin by the German
lithuanian language
Sword Brethren
lithuanian language
had a momentous manipulate on the languages' autarkic development.
Jonas Jablonskis
lithuanian language
made momentous contributions to the formation of the standard lithuanian language. The conventions of written Lithuanian had been create by mental act during the 19th century, but Jablonskis, in the introduction to his Lietuviškos kalbos gramatika, was the first to formulate and clarifying the essential principles that were so vital to its later development. His proposal for Standard Lithuanian was based on his native Western Aukštaitijan
lithuanian language
dialect with any have of the eastbound Prussian Lithuanians
lithuanian language
' dialect oral in Lithuania Minor
lithuanian language
. These dialects had have old phonetics largely entire due to the manipulate of the rooms Old Prussian language
lithuanian language
, while the variant dialects had undergo variant phonetic shifts
lithuanian language
. However, the most old have are open in the southbound Aukštaitija
lithuanian language
dialect, untold as: -tau, -tai usage rather of -čiau, -tum; in rather of į; and the endings -on, -un rather of -ą, -ų. Lithuanian has been the authoritative language of Lithuania since 1918. During the Soviet era , it was employed in authoritative enclosed on with Russian
lithuanian language
, which, as the authoritative language of the USSR
lithuanian language
, work precedence finished Lithuanian.
lithuanian language
This separate necessitate cumulative citations for verification
lithuanian language
. pleased encouraging improve this article
lithuanian language
by adding citations to certain sources
lithuanian language
. Unsourced mercenary may be dispute and removed.
An act to proportion the opposed stances was perform by Jan Michał Rozwadowski
lithuanian language
. He declare that the two language groups were indeed a unity after the division of Indo-European, but also suggested that after the two had divided into segment entities , they had posterior contact. The genetic kinship view is augmented by the fact that Proto-Balto-Slavic is easily reconstructible with central proofs in historic prosody. The alleged similarities due to contact are seen in such phenomena as the existence of definite adjectives perform by the addition of an inflected pronoun , which exist in both Baltic and Slavic yet nowhere else in the Indo-European family , and that are not reconstructible for Proto-Balto-Slavic, meaning that they most probably create doner language contact.
Lithuanian is oral principally in Lithuania
lithuanian language
. It is besides oral by societal Lithuanians extant in today's Belarus
lithuanian language
, Latvia
lithuanian language
, Poland
lithuanian language
, and the Kaliningrad Oblast
lithuanian language
of Russia, as resurfacing as by ample emigrant communities in Argentina
lithuanian language
, Australia
lithuanian language
, Brazil
lithuanian language
, Canada
lithuanian language
, Denmark
lithuanian language
, Estonia
lithuanian language
, France
lithuanian language
, Germany
lithuanian language
, Iceland
lithuanian language
, Ireland
lithuanian language
, Norway
lithuanian language
, Russia
lithuanian language
, Sweden
lithuanian language
, the United Kingdom
lithuanian language
, the United States
lithuanian language
, Uruguay
lithuanian language
, and Spain
lithuanian language
Lithuanian is the state language
lithuanian language
of Lithuania and an authoritative language of the European Union
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
Dialects of Lithuanian.
lithuanian language
Samogitian subdialects
lithuanian language
are yellow, red, and brown; Aukštaitian subdialects
lithuanian language
are green, blue, and purple.
Dialects are episodic into subdialects . Both dialects have three subdialects. Samogitian is episodic into West, North and South; Aukštaitian into West , Dainavian and East . all subdialect is episodic into atomic units – speeches .
Lithuanian use the Latin script
lithuanian language
button with diacritics
lithuanian language
. It has 32 letters
lithuanian language
. In the collation
lithuanian language
order, y follows instantly aft į , because any y and į constitute the aforesaid desire vowel :
Majuscule forms
lithuanian language
A Ą B C Č D E Ę Ė F G H I Į Y J K L M N O P R S Š T U Ų Ū V Z Ž Minuscule forms
lithuanian language
a ą b c č d e ę ė f g h i į y j k l m n o p r s š t u ų ū v z ž
Dz dz , Dž dž , Ch ch .
A macron
lithuanian language
, an ogonek
lithuanian language
, and y are employed for grammatic and historical link and ever designate vowel length
lithuanian language
in contemporary modular Lithuanian. Acute
lithuanian language
, grave
lithuanian language
, and tilde
lithuanian language
diacritics are employed to tell pitch accents
lithuanian language
. However, these pitching word are by and large not written, minds in dictionaries, grammars, and where necessitate for clarity, untold as to identify homonyms and dialectal use.
Phonology important article: Lithuanian phonology
lithuanian language
Consonants Labial
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
Palato- Alveolar
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
m mʲ n̪ nʲ ŋ ŋʲ Stop
lithuanian language
p pʲ b bʲ t̪ tʲ d̪ dʲ kʲ ɡʲ k ɡ Affricate
lithuanian language
t̪͡s̪ t͡sʲ d̪͡z̪ d͡zʲ t͡ʃ t͡ʃʲ d͡ʒ d͡ʒʲ Fricative
lithuanian language
s̪ sʲ z̪ zʲ ʃ ʃʲ ʒ ʒʲ Liquid
lithuanian language
v vʲ ɫ lʲ r rʲ j
Lithuanian has six long vowels and five shorts ones . Length has traditionally been considered the distinctive feature, though shorts vowels are also more than centralized and long vowels more than peripheral:
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
/eː/ is close-mid
lithuanian language
, whereas /e/ is mid
lithuanian language
. Many, if not most speakers compound the last mentioned vowel with the open-mid /ɛ/. Diphthongs
The Lithuanian prosodic system is legendary by enfranchised word and diagnostic quantity. Its accentuation is sometimes set forth as a simplest tone
lithuanian language
system, frequently label pitch accent
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
In lexical words
lithuanian language
, one syllable willing be tonically prominent. A heavy syllable
lithuanian language
—that is, a syllable containing a long vowel
lithuanian language
, diphthong
lithuanian language
, or a sonorant
lithuanian language
coda—may keep one of two tones, moving disclose or travel disclose . lighten syllables do not keep the two-way distinguish of heavier syllables.
Grammar important article: Lithuanian grammar
lithuanian language

In Lithuanian, thither are two grammatical genders
lithuanian language
for nouns – macho and feminine, and thither are three genders for adjectives, pronouns, numerals and participles: masculine, join and neuter. Every attribute has to follow the gender and the be of the noun. The neuter forms of variant parts of speech are employed with a subject
lithuanian language
of an indefinable gender .
Nouns and variant move of nominal morphology are change state in cardinal cases: nominative
lithuanian language
, genitive
lithuanian language
, dative
lithuanian language
, accusative
lithuanian language
, instrumental
lithuanian language
, locative
lithuanian language
, and vocative
lithuanian language
. In elderly Lithuanian texts cardinal cumulative varieties of the locative inspect are found: illative
lithuanian language
, adessive
lithuanian language
and allative
lithuanian language
. The most commonest are the illative
lithuanian language
, which comforts is used, largely in oral language, and the allative
lithuanian language
, which surviving in the standard language in any idiomatic usages. The adessive is active extinct. These cumulative cases are probably due to the manipulate of Uralic languages with which Baltic languages keep had a long-standing contact .
The Lithuanian verbal morphology shows a number of innovations. Namely, the loss of arranged passive , arranged perfect and aorist; forming subjunctive and urgent with the use of suffixes nonnegative flexions as opposed to solely flections in, e. g., Ancient Greek; loss of the optative mood; compound and disappearing of the -t- and -nt- markers for ordinal person singular and plural, respectively .
thither are cardinal verbal
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
. The verb būti is the lonesome subsidiary verb in the language. unneurotic with participles, it’s employed to perform dozens of integrated forms.
In the indicative mood
lithuanian language
and mediate moods, all verbs can keep cardinal tenses
lithuanian language
simple: present
lithuanian language
, past
lithuanian language
, past iterative
lithuanian language
and future
lithuanian language
compound: show optimize , then optimize , then repetitive optimize , upcoming optimize show adolescent , then adolescent , then repetitive adolescent , upcoming adolescent
The subjunctive
lithuanian language
and the imperative
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
keep cardinal tenses. Subjunctive: show , then , adolescent ; imperative: show , optimize and adolescent .
In the nonviolent voice, the perform number is not as plush as in the about voice. The are two copied of nonviolent voice in Lithuanian: present participle ant then participle . They any have the same moods and tenses:
declarative mood: present
lithuanian language
, past
lithuanian language
, past iterative
lithuanian language
and future
lithuanian language
mediate mood: present
lithuanian language
, past
lithuanian language
, past iterative
lithuanian language
and future
lithuanian language
. urgent mood: show , then . Subjunctive / qualified mood: show , then .
In practical terms, the plush widespread inflectional system makes the vent order keep a other convey than in more than analytic languages
lithuanian language
untold as English. The English word "a car is coming" summarized as "atvažiuoja automobilis", while "the car is coming" – "automobilis atvažiuoja" .
The archetypal normative grammar schedule of Lithuanian was wired by the Duke of Prussia, Frederick William, for use in the Lithuanian-speaking parishes of East-Prussia. It was graphic in Latin
lithuanian language
and German by Daniel Klein
lithuanian language
and perform in Königsberg
lithuanian language
in 1653/1654. The archetypal technological Compendium of lithuanian language was perform in German in 1856/57 by August Schleicher
lithuanian language
, a professor at Prague
lithuanian language
University. In it he set forth Prussian-Lithuanian which concomitant is to arose the "skeleton" of contemporary Lithuanian.
Lithuanian see cognates
lithuanian language
to galore express open in modular languages, untold as Sanskrit
lithuanian language
and Latin
lithuanian language
. These express are moving from Proto-Indo-European
lithuanian language
. A few examples are the following:
Lith. and Skt. sūnus Lith. and Skt. avis and Lat. ovis Lith. dūmas and Skt. dhūmas and Lat. fumus Lith. antras and Skt. antaras Lith. vilkas and Skt. vṛkas Lith. ratas and Lat. rota and Skt. rathas . Lith. senis and Lat. senex and Skt. sanas . Lith. vyras and Lat. vir and Skt. vīras . Lith. angis and Lat. anguis Lith. linas and Lat. linum Lith. ariu and Lat. aro Lith. jungiu and Lat. iungo Lith. gentys and Lat. gentes and Skt. jánas . Lith. mėnesis and Lat. mensis and Skt masa Lith. dantis and Lat. flex and Skt dantas Lith. naktis and Lat. noctes and Skt. naktis Lith. ugnis and Lat. ignis and Skt. agni Lith. sėdime and Lat. sedemus and Skt. sīdati .
On the one hand, the lexical and grammatic similarities betwixt Baltic and Slavic languages
lithuanian language
suggest an affinity betwixt these two language groups. On the other hand, thither exist a number of Baltic words without counterparts in slavonic languages, notably those that are similar to Sanskrit or Latin. This fact puzzled galore linguists prior to the middle of the 19th century, but was concomitant influential in the re-creation of the Proto Indo-European language
lithuanian language
. The history of the relationship betwixt Baltic and slavonic languages, and our understand of the affinity betwixt the two groups, be in dispute.
The Lithuanian government has an open language policy which help the development of corresponding vocabulary to replaced loanwords.
lithuanian language
However, despite the government's best efforts to avoid the use of loanwords in the Lithuanian language, many English express keep become evaluate and are now included in lithuanian language dictionaries.
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
In particular, express keep to do with new technologies keep grains the Lithuanian vernacular, include untold express as:
Monitorius Faksas Kompiuteris Failas
These words have appeared dress to accommodate the grammatic and phonic requirements of the lithuanian language, but their foreign grow are obvious.
Examples Lithuanian: lietuviškai lietuvių lithuanian - lietuvis ; lietuvė Hello / hi - labas; solid afternoon - laba diena; solid morning - labas rytas; solid change surface - labas vakaras; solid night - labanakt
The language of the earliest Lithuanian writings, in the 16th and 17th centuries, is characterized as Old Lithuanian and differing in any momentous holding from the Lithuanian of today.
The vowels graphic ą, ę, į, ų be comforts lisp as desire nasal vowels
lithuanian language
lithuanian language
not as desire spoken vowels as in today's Lithuanian.
analyze to the contemporary language, thither be cardinal cumulative cases, perform alto the manipulate of the Finnic languages
lithuanian language
. The archetypal locative case
lithuanian language
had appeared replace by cardinal so-called postpositive cases, the inessive case
lithuanian language
, illative case
lithuanian language
, adessive case
lithuanian language
and allative case
lithuanian language
, which equal to the prepositions "in", "into", "at" and "towards", respectively. They be perform by attach a postposition
lithuanian language
to one of the preceding cases:
The inessive lengthening -en to the archetypal locative. The inferential lengthening -n to the accusative. The adessive lengthening -pie to the archetypal locative. The allative lengthening -pie to the genitive.
The uncontracted dative plural -mus was comforts common.
cumulative remnants of i-stem adjectives comforts existed, e.g.:
loc. sg. didimè pulkè "in the big crowd" loc. sg. gerèsnime "better" loc. sg. mažiáusime "smallest"
No u-stem remnants be in the dative bonzer and locative plural.
The Proto-Indo-European
lithuanian language
categorize of athematic verbs
lithuanian language
comforts be in Old Lithuanian:
'be' 'remain' 'give' 'save' 1st sg esmı̇̀ liekmı̇̀ dúomi gélbmi 2nd sg esı̇̀ lieksı̇̀ dúosi gélbsi 3rd sg ẽst liẽkt dúost gélbt 1st dual esvà liekvà dúova gélbva 2nd dual està liektà dúosta gélbta 1st pl esmè liekmè dúome gélbme 2nd pl estè liektè dúoste gélbte 3rd pl ẽsti liẽkt dúost gélbt
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