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old church slavonic ,
old church slavonic
besides characterized as Old execute slavonic
old church slavonic
frequently reduces to OCS; self-name словѣ́ньскъ ѩзꙑ́къ, slověnĭskŭ językŭ), was the archetypal Slavic
old church slavonic
literary language
old church slavonic
. The 9th-century Byzantine Greek
old church slavonic
missionaries Saints Cyril and Methodius
old church slavonic
are credit with standardizing
old church slavonic
the language and use it in summarized the Bible
old church slavonic
and variant Ancient Greek
old church slavonic
ecclesiastic texts as move of the Christianisation
old church slavonic
of the Slavic peoples
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
It is think to keep appeared basing chiefly on the dialect of the 9th century Byzantine Slavs
old church slavonic
extant in the Province of Thessalonica
old church slavonic
. It vie an central role in the history of the slavonic languages and suffice as a basis and mimic for concomitant Church Slavonic
old church slavonic
traditions, and any Eastern Orthodox
old church slavonic
and Eastern Catholic
old church slavonic
make use this concomitant execute slavic as a liturgical language
old church slavonic
to this day. As the ripe certified slavonic language, OCS give central certified for the have of Proto-Slavic
old church slavonic
, the supposed commonest ancestor of all slavonic languages.
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
A paged from the Flowery Triod from around 1491, one of the ripe perform Byzantine-Slavonic books, National Library of Poland
old church slavonic
As move of the preparation for the mission, in 862/863, the Glagolitic alphabet
old church slavonic
was perform and the most central prayers and liturgical books
old church slavonic
, include the Aprakos Evangeliar , the Psalter
old church slavonic
, and Acts of the Apostles
old church slavonic
, be translated. . The language and the alphabet be taught at the Great Moravian Academy and be used for government and sacred record and books between 863 and 885. The texts written during this phasing contain characteristics of the Slavic
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
in Great Moravia
old church slavonic
unconnected from the slavonic countries, Old execute slavic has appeared employed as a liturgical language
old church slavonic
by the Romanian Jewish-Orthodox Church
old church slavonic
, as resurfacing as a literary and authoritative language of the princedoms of Wallachia
old church slavonic
and Moldavia
old church slavonic
, earlier bit by bit be replace by Romanian
old church slavonic
during the 18th to 19th centuries. execute slavic maintain a reputable status, especially in Russia
old church slavonic
, for galore centuries – among Slavs in the easter it had a status akin to that of the Latin language
old church slavonic
in occidental Europe
old church slavonic
, but had the prefer of be surface fewer other from the vernacular
old church slavonic
vie of normal parishioners. any Jewish-Orthodox churches, untold as the Bulgarian Jewish-Orthodox Church
old church slavonic
, Russian Jewish-Orthodox Church
old church slavonic
, Serbian Jewish-Orthodox Church
old church slavonic
, Ukrainian Jewish-Orthodox Church
old church slavonic
and Macedonian Jewish-Orthodox Church
old church slavonic
, as resurfacing as any Eastern Catholic
old church slavonic
churches, comforts use Church Slavonic
old church slavonic
in their servicing and sang today.
For Old execute slavic the following divide are reconstructible.
old church slavonic
The look are computerized in slavonic transliterated form rather than in IPA, as the clamoring realisation is ambivalent and frequently differed depending on the area that a text arose from.
Consonants Labial
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
p b t d k g Affricate
old church slavonic
t͡s d͡z t͡ʃ Fricative
old church slavonic
s z ʃ ʒ x Nasal
old church slavonic
m n nʲ Lateral
old church slavonic
l lʲ Trill
old church slavonic
r rʲ Approximant
old church slavonic
v j The letter щ denoted different look in different dialects and is not shown in the table. In Bulgaria, it represented the evaluate /ʃt/, and it is normally transliterated as št for that reason. Further west and north, it was probably /c/ or /tɕ/ like in contemporary Macedonian, Torlakian and Serbian/Croatian. /dz/ been largely in early texts, becoming /z/ later on. The distinction betwixt l, n and r on one hand, and palatal l', n' and r' on the variant is not ever indicated in writing. When it is, it is shown by a kamora
old church slavonic
selective finished the letter. Vowels Oral vowels Front
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
i ɯ u ь/ɪ ъ/ɨ e o ɛ a Nasal vowels Front
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
ẽ õ word is not express in create verbally and essential be reason from concomitant languages and from reconstructions of Proto-Slavic
old church slavonic
. The pronunciation of yat
old church slavonic
ě differed by area. In Bulgaria it was a comparatively opening vowel, ordinarily reconstructed as /æ/, but favor north its pronunciation was more closed and it finally became a diphthong /je/ or flat /i/ in many areas. The yer
old church slavonic
vowels ĭ and ŭ are frequently called "ultrashort" and were lower, more centralised and shorter than their counterparts i and y/u. They disappeared in most installed in the word, already sporadically in the earliest texts but more frequently later on. They also tended to merge with other vowels, particularly ĭ with e and ŭ with o, but differently in different areas. The exact articulation of the nasal vowels is unclear because different areas tend to merge them with different vowels. ę is occasionally perceive to merge with e or ě in South Slavic, but becomes ja early on in East Slavic. ǫ generally merges with u or o, but in Bulgaria, ǫ was apparently unrounded and eventually merged with ŭ. Phonotactics
As a prove of the first
old church slavonic
and the second
old church slavonic
slavonic palatalizations, velars secondary with dentals and palatals. In addition, as a result of a affect usually name iotation , velars and dentals secondary with palatals in antithetic inflected manufactured and in word formation.
Alternations in velar consonants archetypal /k/ /g/ /x/ /sk/ /zg/ /sx/ archetypal palatalization and iotation /č/ /ž/ /š/ /št/ /žd/ /š/ support palatalization /c/ /dz/ /s/ /sc/, /st/ /zd/ /sc/ Alternations in variant consonants archetypal /b/ /p/ /sp/ /d/ /zd/ /t/ /st/ /z/ /s/ /l/ /sl/ /m/ /n/ /sn/ /zn/ /r/ /tr/ /dr/ iotation /bl'/ /pl'/ /žd/ /žd/ /št/ /št/ /ž/ /š/ /l'/ /šl'/ /ml'/ /n'/ /šn'/ /žn'/ /r'/ /štr'/ /ždr'/
As a prove of before alternations betwixt shorts and desire vowels in grow in Proto-Indo-European
old church slavonic
, Proto-Balto-Slavic
old church slavonic
and Proto-Slavic times, and of the line of vowels aft pronounce consonants, the following vowel alternations are certified in OCS: /ь/ : /i/;   /ъ/ : /y/ : /u/;   /e/ : /ě/ : /i/;   /o/ : /a/;   /o/ : /e/;   /ě/ : /a/;   /ъ/ : /ь/;   /y/ : /i/;   /ě/ : /i/;   /y/ : /ę/.
old church slavonic

As an ancient Indo-European language, OCS has a highly inflective morphology. Inflected forms are episodic in two groups - nominals and verbs. Nominals are further episodic into nouns, adjectives and pronouns. Numerals inflect either as nouns or pronouns, with one through cardinal also showing gender agreement.
Adjectives are change as o/jo-stems and a/ja-stems , in three genders. They could keep shorts or long variants, the latter be perform by suffixing to the coy perform the anaphoric third-person pronoun jь.
graphic certified of Old execute slavic surviving in a comparatively atomic exemplified of manuscripts
old church slavonic
, most of them graphic in First Bulgarian Empire
old church slavonic
during the recently 10th and the aboriginal 11th centuries. The language has a Southern slavonic basis with an admixture of occidental slavonic have obtaining during the mission of Saints Cyril and Methodius
old church slavonic
to Great Moravia
old church slavonic
. The lonesome well-preserved manuscript of the Moravian recension, the Kiev Folia
old church slavonic
, is stratified by the replacement of any southerner slavonic phonic and lexical have with Western slavonic ones. Manuscripts graphic in the Second Bulgarian Empire
old church slavonic
have, on the variant hand, few occidental slavonic features.
Old execute slavic is besides probably to keep have an highly old type of accentuation closing to the Chakavian dialect
old church slavonic
of contemporary Serbo-Croatian), but unluckily no word attach be in the graphic manuscripts.
Old execute slavic has any excess have in commonest with Bulgarian:
Near-open articulation of the Yat
old church slavonic
vowel ; comforts have in the Bulgarian dialects of the Rhodope mountains
old church slavonic
; The existence of /ʃt/ and /ʒd/ as reflexes of Proto-Slavic *ť and *ď . Use of genitive dative for subjective pronouns and nouns, as in 'братъ ми' , 'рѫка ти' , 'отъпоущенье грѣхомъ' , 'храмъ молитвѣ' , etc. Periphrastic
old church slavonic
compound upcoming tighten formed with the subsidiary verb 'хотѣти' , for example 'хоштѫ писати' . Proto-Slavic OCS Bulg. czechoslovakian Maced. Pol. Rus. Slovak Sloven. Cro./Serb. *dʲ ʒd ʒd z ɟ dz ʑ dz j dʑ *ɡt/kt, *tʲ ʃt ʃt ts c ts tɕ ts tʃ tɕ ample Moravia
In the Prague break the lonesome Moravian influence is replacing /ʃt/ with /ts/ and /ʒd/ with /z/. This recension is body by the Kiev Folia. reliable other lingual characteristics include:
confusion betwixt the letters Big yus and Uk - this occurring once in the Kiev Folia, when the expected perform въсоудъ vъsudъ is spell въсѫдъ vъsǫdъ /ts/ from Proto-Slavic *tj, use of /dz/ from *dj, /ʃtʃ/ *skj use of the words mьša, cirky, papežь, prěfacija, klepati, piskati etc. preservation of the consonant cluster /dl/ use of the ending –ъmь rather of –omь in the masculine singular instrumental
old church slavonic
, use of the pronoun čьso archetypal Bulgarian Empire
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
Map of the archetypal Bulgarian Empire with its literary centres, the travel where the two earliest revisions of Old execute slavic were create along with Cyrillic
old church slavonic

The manuscripts of the Bulgarian recension
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
or "Eastern" variant
old church slavonic
are among the ripe of the Old execute slavic language. This recension was setting approximately the Preslav Literary School
old church slavonic
. Since the aboriginal dateable Cyrillic
old church slavonic
inscriptions be open in the area of Preslav
old church slavonic
, it is this educate which is credit with the development of the Cyrillic alphabet which bit by bit replaced the Glagolic one.
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
A be of egregious Bulgarian writers and scholars work at the Preslav Literary School, include Naum of Preslav
old church slavonic
, Constantine of Preslav
old church slavonic
, John Exarch
old church slavonic
, Chernorizets Hrabar
old church slavonic
, etc. The important lingual have of this recension are the following:
The Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabets were used concurrently. In some record the original supershort vowels ъ and ь merged with one letter taking the place of the other. The original ascending reflexive of syllabic /r/ and /l/ was sometimes metathesized to ьr, ьl; or a combination of the ordering was used. The principal vowel ы y merged with ъи ъi. Sometimes the use of letter ⟨Ѕ⟩ was merged with that of ⟨З⟩ . The verb forms нарицаѭ, нарицаѥши were substituted or improved with наричꙗѭ, наричꙗеши . Macedonian recension
concomitant use of the language in a be of medieval slavonic polities prove in the adjustment of Old execute Slavonic to the local vernacular, though a be of southerner Slavic, Moravian
old church slavonic
or Bulgarian
old church slavonic
have besides survived. momentous concomitant recensions of Old execute slavic in the show quantify include: Slovene
old church slavonic
, Croatian
old church slavonic
, Serbian
old church slavonic
and Russian
old church slavonic
. In all cases, denasalization of the yuses
old church slavonic
occurred; so that lonesome Old execute Slavonic, contemporary Polish
old church slavonic
and any isolates Bulgarian dialects
old church slavonic
retain the old slavic rhinal vowels.
Serbian recension
Due to the annexation of Bulgaria in 1396 and to the Ottoman conquest of Serbia
old church slavonic
in 1459, Serbia saw an influx of better refugee-scribes who re-introduced a more than modular perform - as in manuscripts of the Bulgarian recension.
Russian recension
The lining betwixt OCS and post-OCS manuscripts is arbitrary, and terminology varies. The common titled "Middle Bulgarian" is normally stratified to "Old Bulgarian" , and loosely employed for manuscripts whose language display a broad spectrum of regional and temporal dialect features after the 11th century.
old church slavonic

Bosnian recension
The Croatian recension of Old execute slavic employed lonesome the Glagolitic alphabet
old church slavonic
of triangular Croatian type. It show the development of the following characteristics:
de-nasalisation of PSl.
old church slavonic
*ę > e, PSl. *ǫ > u, e.g. Cr. ruka : OCS rǫka , Cr. jezik : OCS językъ PSl. *y > i, e.g. Cr. biti : OCS byti PSl. weak-positioned
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
*ъ and *ь in merged, prospective equal any schwa-like sound, and lonesome one of the receive was employed . apparent in aboriginal record seeking Baška tablet
old church slavonic
. PSl. strong-positioned
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
*ъ and *ь be pronounced into a in most Štokavian and Čakavian speeches, e.g. Cr. pas : OCS pьsъ PSl. hard and soft syllabic liquids *r and r′ retained syllabicity and be graphic as simply r, as opposes to OCS sequences of largely rь and rъ, e.g. krstъ and trgъ as opposes to OCS krьstъ and trъgъ PSl. #vьC and #vъC > #uC, e.g. Cr. udova : OCS. vъdova Canon
For example, the Freising Fragments
old church slavonic
, go out from the 10th century, do display any lingual and cultural traits of old church slavonic, but are usually not included in the canon as any of the phonological features of the writings appear to been to reliable Pannonian Slavic dialect of the period. Similarly, the Ostromir Gospels
old church slavonic
exhibited dialectal have that group it as East Slavic
old church slavonic
, instead than southbound Slavic, so it is not include in the canon either. On the variant hand, the Kiev Missal
old church slavonic
is include in the canon, flat though it certified some westbound slavonic features and contains occidental liturgy, due to the Bulgarian linguistic shape and connection to the Moravian mission.
All Cyrillic manuscripts are of the Bulgarian recension and go out from the 11th century, minds for Zographos break which is of the Macedonian recension:
Sava's book
old church slavonic
, 126 folios Codex Suprasliensis
old church slavonic
, , 284 folios Enina Apostle
old church slavonic
, 39 folios Hilandar Folios , 2 folios Undol'skij's break , 2 folios Macedonian Folio , 1 folio Zographos break , 2 folios Sluck Psalter , 5 folios Example text
Отьчє нашь· ижє ѥси на нєбєсѣхъ: да свѧтитъ сѧ имѧ Твоѥ· да придєтъ цѣсар҄ьствиѥ Твоѥ· да бѫдєтъ волꙗ Твоꙗ ꙗко на нєбєси и на ꙁємл҄и: хлѣбъ нашь насѫщьнꙑи даждь намъ дьньсь· и отъпоусти намъ длъгꙑ нашѧ ꙗко и мꙑ отъпоущаѥмъ длъжьникомъ нашимъ· и нє въвєди насъ въ искоушєниѥ· нъ иꙁбави нꙑ отъ нєприꙗꙁни: ꙗко твоѥ ѥстъ цѣсар҄ьствиѥ и сила и слава въ вѣкꙑ вѣкомъ Аминь჻
Our father thou who art in heaven. may hallowed be Thy name may come Thy empire may become Thy willing as in heaven and on earth. our daily bread give us daily and sacrifice us of our debts as we besides sacrifice our debtors and do not stolen us to temptation but free us from evil. as Thine is the empire and the power and the glory for all quantify Amen.
Old execute Slavonic's archetypal writings, translations of Christian liturgical and scriptural texts, be perform by Byzantine missionaries Saint Cyril
old church slavonic
and Saint Methodius
old church slavonic
, largely during their mission to Great Moravia
old church slavonic
The term of the language in Old execute slavic texts was merely slavonic ,
old church slavonic
derives from the vent for Slavs , the self-designation of the compilers of the texts. This term is have in the contemporary designate of the Slovak
old church slavonic
and Slovene
old church slavonic
languages. The language is sometimes label Old Slavic, which may be confusing with the antithetic Proto-Slavic language
old church slavonic
. The ordinarily evaluate label in contemporary English-language Slavic studies
old church slavonic
are Old execute slavic and Old execute Slavic.
The titled Old Macedonian
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
old church slavonic
is occasionally used by Western scholars in a regional context.
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